East Village Bar
174 Orchard St.
New York, NY 10002
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Welcome to
The Skinny Bar & Lounge
An Anti-Holiday Bar...
and All That Crap
The Helliday Inn

The Skinny Bar takes a twisted approach to the norm with it’s outrageous in-your-face “Anti-Holiday” theme pop up. From the flashy, if not down right tacky, decor. To the cocktail and food menu to the programming meant to interact and engage. All help to accentuate while threading the line between the absurd, self indulgent, commercialization the holidays have become and the desire to still embrace it.

Ornate Christmas lights/decorations cramming every square inch the 60’x22’ ceiling, “Santa’s Reindeer” heads lining the painted red walls, vignette installations of a living room area with fireplace, Santa’s workshop (for photo-ops with Santa) and The North Pole Ski Lodge in the mezzanine.

Along with, Santa’s Wheel of Misfortune, which customers pay money to spin (portions of proceeds go to charity) for chance to land and win(or lose) - Grab Bag - Buy Stranger a Drink - Buy Bartender a Shot - Free Drink - Gift Card, Coal… and more.

A full daily program of events such as a crusty miserable Santa on premises nightly, a live piano player to accompany customers dirty Christmas caroling, decadent Drag and Burlesque Shows throughout the week along with Krampus Karaoke and Trivia.

Don’t be surprised to see a tarot card reader dressed at Jacob Marley or stumble in on “Sleigh and Lay” speeding dating or “Goodfellas Christmas” 50’s-70’s music dress up, on any given night.

Running from November 29th - January 31st, which should give everyone ample time to drink up to dull the senses to the chaotic holiday season we have in store and afterwards... because we all will need some downtime.